Alliance Trust Company

Alliance Trust Company

On behalf of Alliance Trust Company, I am pleased to confirm our continued strong business relationship with the principals and staff of Computer Perfect, dating back to October 1999.

In 1999, we hired Mario Argento and his business partner, Richard to assist us with the purchase and installation of computers at my previous company, Valiant Trust Company. We found them to be most helpful and knowledgeable. In addition, their professionalism and integrity was impeccable. These traits, which we find most important in all our partners, remained consistent throughout the years.

In 2005, we sold Valiant Trust Company and I founded a publishing company, Zi Magazine. At  Zi Magazine, Computer Perfect was crucial to the setup of our new offices and new business. We were impressed with the high standard they continued to provide us.

In January of 2008, I founded yet another company, Alliance Trust Company. Mario and his team at Computer Perfect, were once again called upon to assist in the setup of the office, ant contracted to maintain on-going vigilance of the technology used for administering highly sensitive records of our clients, publicly listed corporations. At Alliance Trust, we disburse over a billion dollars of client funds. As such, technology is a big component of our business.

Throughout the years, I have found them to be completely dependable and reliable. We found them to be exceptionally useful during the severe rainstorms and flooding of June 2013 in Calgary, when we were required to setup alternate work space away from our flood ravaged downtown location. We were very happy that with partners like Computer Perfect, our business was able to continue with minimum of disruption.

I would highly recommend the Computer Perfect team to anyone seeking a highly knowledgeable team with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

On Behalf of Alliance Trust Company

Zinat H. Damji

President & CEO